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Using BIM allows countries to better use financial resources, says Jordanian BIM specialist Shaker Shehadeh Khulief
30 Jul 2019
According to Jordanian BIM specialist and architect Shaker Shehadeh Khulief, founder of the Amman-based BIM Lab, implementing BIM in projects more...
Dubai launching new 3D-printed villas
20 Feb 2018
Dubai’s first 3D-printed villas will be unveiled within two months, according to Engineer Hussain Nasser Lootah, director-general of the Dubai more...
Building for the future: How the technology revolution is affecting architecture
29 Nov 2017
This month’s special report focuses on design technology, which can mean two things. The first being technology that helps architects more...
Video: How will Dubai’s rotating skyscraper work?
20 Feb 2017
The following video outlines the theory behind Dynamic Tower, a rotating skyscraper that Dynamic Architecture has proposed for Dubai. The structure more...