building of the future

Dubai architects look ahead 10 years to predict the future of architecture
23 Jun 2017
2027 may feel as though it’s far away, but in Dubai, time seems to move a lot faster than elsewhere. more...
Dynamic Architecture secures patent for rotating tower in the GCC
07 May 2017
Dynamic Architecture has secured a new patent  for its rotating skyscraper project within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the company more...
Buildings of the future will be constructed off-site says David Fisher
03 May 2017
Skyscrapers of future will be constructed completely off-site,  said David Fisher, architect behind the Dynamic Tower planned for Dubai, who more...
Dynamic Tower will become a symbol of sustainability for Dubai says David Fisher
03 May 2017
The Dynamic Tower, in addition to being the first building with a fourth dimension, will also become a symbol of more...
Dynamic Tower will be first building to have a fourth dimension says architect David Fisher
03 May 2017
Dr David Fisher, founder of Dynamic Architecture and designer behind the controversial Dynamic Tower, which was first proposed for Dubai more...