Baghdad Design Centre

UK firm Brooks Murray Architects highlights winning design for Baghdad Design Centre competition
13 Jan 2019
This year's winning proposal for Tamayouz Excellence Award's Rifat Chadirji Prize, designed by UK-based practice Brooks Murray Architects, aims to more...
COdESIGN creates 'walled village' for Baghdad Design Centre competition
02 Jan 2019
Dubai-based architecture, interior design and landscape design practice COdESIGN has revealed images of its concept for the Baghdad Design Centre.Created more...
Dubai architects including Steven Velegrinis and Islam El Mashtooly submit design concept for Baghdad Design Center
13 Dec 2018
Dubai-based architects including Steven Velegrinis, Islam El Mashtooly, Eslam Salem, Abdelrahman Magdy and Ahmed Salah design a concept for the more...
NYXO reveals design proposal for a 3D-printed Baghdad Design Centre
12 Dec 2018
UK-based design and architecture practice NYXO has revealed its design proposal for Tamayouz Excellence Award’s Rifat Chadirji Prize 2018, which more...