Ahmed Bukhash

Archidentity reveals design concept for Dubai mosque
18 Jun 2019
Dubai-based architecture studio Archidentity, run by Emirati architect Ahmed Bukhash, has revealed a concept design for a mosque in Dubai. The more...
Urban planner Ahmed Bukhash calls for sustainably designed outdoor spaces in Dubai
24 Jul 2018
Recent developments in Dubai are proving that well-designed spaces can offer a viable outdoors leisure option for people, despite the more...
MEA Talks: Ahmed Abdulrahman Bukhash says Emirati architects can learn from the Japanese Metabolism movement
19 Jul 2018
“If you look at the architectural development of Japan, you will see that a lot of the things that the more...
Do Emirati architects need more support from the industry?
28 Jun 2018
It seems that each issue of Middle East Architect that we create unintentionally focuses on architecture in a specific area more...