Zaha Hadid joins forces with Pharrell Williams on Adidas shoe collection

Zaha Hadid is collaborating with musician Pharrell Williams on his Adidas “Supershell” collection.

Hadid, who has been named “Queen of the curve” by many, she will be incorporating these curves on the shoe’s rubber toe cap.

Colour-wise, the Supershells will be offered in both black and white.

Of the alliance, Williams said, “I’m a huge fan of Zaha’s, I’ve always been. She’s one of the most talented architects of our time and history in my opinion.

“The kinds of shapes and kinds of structures that she transcribes from her mind’s imagination-I think that Zaha’s designs are just like her buildings, they augment reality forever. And I feel like with the Supershell, she created, while using the dimensions of the shoe, cast shadows that weren’t necessarily there,” he said on the brand’s official website.

The Adidas creation won’t be Hadid’s first time working with fashion. In 2012, she joined forces with footwear company United Nude to create the 3D printed Nova shoes.

She told Co.Design magazine that the reason she liked working in fashion was because it “contains the mood of the moment, like music, literature, and art, whereas architecture is a very long process.”

Hadid is one of the many personas that Williams is teaming up with for Adidas sneakers.

Others include contemporary artists Todd James and Masakatsu Iwamoto, better known as “Mr.”