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Wallcovering suppliers you should know

From classic to contemporary, sophisticated to playful, wallpaper is back in a big way. Advances in technology mean the choices of colour and design are enormous. Patterns are sophisticated, yet they form part of a wallpaper system that coordinates colours, textures and fabrics.

In these modern times, wallpaper is all about making a statement – a statement that’s no longer reserved for the smallest rooms of the house. Bold patterns, interesting textures, metallics and paintable papers are hot for 2012, but feature walls remain the key trend.

“We’re definitely seeing lots of splashes of wallpaper, but they’re still used primarily on feature walls,” said Wendy Elers of Wendy Elers Colour & Design. “That’s where people can have some fun without going overboard.

“They can individualise their space more through the use of wallpaper. And they can be quite graphic, quite bold. The colours are strong that are coming through, and the patterns are really big and bold.”

Botanicals are still popular, with flowers and plant patterns. From large sophisticated silhouettes to dainty flowers which offer consumers pure glamour or classic sophistication.

While floral femininity remains a strong trend for the season, a moody ambience and masculine persuasions are coming through.

When wallpaper first started coming in it was very floral because women were the ones who were choosing them. Now, there are designs that are more masculine, like bricks, tiles and geometrical shapes.

The combination of geometric patterns and vivid colours typically generates a strong energy, creating a sense of vibrancy without being too overpowering.

Stripes are a hot option, both in bold or softly elegant tones. Grey is a prominent colour, reminiscent of days gone by, but nowadays it is juxtaposed with contemporary hues such as orange, turquoise, mustard green and salsa red. Textures continue to be a trend, with flock papers in fashion. Flocking is a process where small fibres are applied to an adhesive-coated surface, making the paper look and feel like velvet.

Typically, flock wallpapers carry large floral or damask designs. Textures are ideal for walls that aren’t suitable enough to be painted on.

Besides flocking, texture is finding its way onto wallpaper in other ways. For example, grasscloth is sustainable, manufactured using natural fibres of jute, reed and arrowroot, these nature-inspired papers add warmth and texture to a room, whether in a formal or informal setting, in traditional or contemporary styles.

Grasscloth was originally a product of the 60s and 70s, but today’s versions have a broader, fresher look with a more sophisticated range of colours.

Another reminder of the past is paintable papers, which hark back to the days of Anaglypta. Successful in its time, these uncoloured, embossed wallpapers have again surged in popularity.

Metallic wallpapers add decadence to an interior’s colour scheme, generating an opulent ambience with colour accents in golds, rose gold, coppers, rich bronzes, and silver.

With new trends hitting the market, Commercial Interior Design speaks to the wallcovering suppliers you should know.

Goodrich Global
By David Yeo, General Manager UAE

Tell us about your company?
Goodrich Global provides the perfect finishing touch to every interior. We have grown to become Southeast Asia’s leading supplier of interior Wallcoverings with 75% market share. The business has since expanded into categories in Carpet, Fabric and Flooring.

With 30 regional offices and galleries located in eight countries including Singapore (Headquarters), China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and UAE, Goodrich had also developed environmentally friendly interior furnishings that cater to residential, commercial and hospitality projects.

Goodrich has won numerous accolades for its brand, product innovations and management. Goodrich is driven by the vision that every living space is an expression of a unique cover story and believes in ensuring that every dream design comes to life.

Our growing association with fashion, lifestyle and green product offerings has made Goodrich, a trusted and reliable brand to be working with. Goodrich is well placed to meet all your interior furnishing needs, globally.

What is your best selling product?
Hospitality Collections, mainly from RJF brand.

What are the latest trends in wallcovering?
We would use Styles instead of providing a fixed trend as afterall, wallcovering reflects your own unique personality in your living space. MODERN CLASSIC: Ornate, opulent and timelessly regal old world charms; CONTEMPORARY: The quintessential sleek ‘n chic mod-style; FLORAL: Flourish with garden-hued blossoms; GEOMETRIC: Unconventional patterns in bold shapes and solid colours; RESORT: Blending the rustic aesthetics with modern elegance; STRIPES: A streamlined approach, through thick or thin; TRIBAL: Exciting, bold animal and textured prints; ETHNIC: The East meets West

What’s new?
Goodrich UAE is working on some hospital projects in Abu Dhabi and hotel projects in Dubai, we have increased the residential collection in stock from three collections to eight collections from 1st to 2nd quarter of 2012.

How do we contact you?
Bryan B. Esconde
No. 5, 364 Road, Street 15A,
Al Quoz Industrial 1, P.O. Box 304, Dubai, UAE
T: +971 4 341 9985

By Paul Galvin, Managing Director

Tell us about your company?
Ohpopsi ID produces bespoke wallcoverings and floors for commercial interiors and exteriors. We offer a range of products that we believe opens up a world of creative opportunities for interior designers. Since our products can incorporate any design at any size, the scope for visual impact, personalisation and branding is huge.

What sets you apart?
We have a strong culture of innovation and an exciting but functional diverse product portfolio. Our wallpaper products are user-friendly and enviro-friendly (FSC/Greenguard-approved). Our WallFresco product was patented in Italy and gives a stunning, hand-painted effect.

Our FloorFresco product is a high-specification, luxury resin floor, encapsulating any design.

Any news?
The big news is that on April 1 this year we opened our new office in Dubai Media City. We would welcome meeting customers who wish to see our products in situ and talk in more detail about our range of services.

Also, recently completed projects in Dubai include Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa and the brand-new Football Centre complex.

Current wallcovering trends?
Our products are aimed specifically at those designers or clients who seek unique design solutions.
We have witnessed a shift towards such requirements and recently completed a project for a US hotel chain, which included locally-themed, stylised wallcoverings for rooms, reception and communal areas.

Any challenges?
Having overcome the challenges of setting up a new business in Dubai, we look forward to forging strong relationships with interior designers in the Middle East. Our goal is for Ohpopsi ID to be widely regarded as a company offering high-quality, innovative products, backed up with excellent service levels.

How do we contact you?
Paul Galvin
Managing Director
Ohpopsi ID
404, 4th Floor,
Dubai Media City 2, Dubai.
Tel: +971 55 831 2886

Kollektion & Co
By Lars Narfeldt, Founder

Tell us about your company?
Kollektion & Co is a distributor experience offering a variety of elegant and functional Scandinavian design products with superior quality, exceptional grace and timeless appeal. We carefully select our brands, products and partners, looking for distinctive, sophisticated and durable solutions that blend form and functionality. Our portfolio includes ECO Boråstapeter, Mr Perswall, Design House Stockholm, Muuto, SagaForm, &tradition, String, Oddbirds, Ruben Lighting and MinusTio.

What is your best selling product?
ECO Exclusive and Revival collections, Mr Perswall Fashion and Communication collections and Borastapeter Vintage and Karlslund collections.

What are the current trends?
The latest trends are yesterday captured in a contemporary way. Still very much retro but with a modern feeling added. A little more grown up, a little more style conscious. We see inspiration in shabby chic and the minimalistic industrial trend.

Lace patterns and abraded white are matched with raw materials like concrete and metal, again with a retro combination. Our collections are designed for those interested in décor and design who consider wallpaper as a prominent feature in the room.

Recent developments?
We are launching Danish design brand & tradition in the Middle East this spring and looking forward to a more contract oriented collection from both Muuto and Design House Stockholm. Mr. Perswall has launched its Fashion collection with wallpapers for fashion retailers in the Middle East.

We are opening our own Scandinavian design stores named D.tales throughout the Gulf with the first opening in DIFC this spring. D.tales will turn houses into homes. And beings into personalities. Offering design with a history. And brands with a story. Providing details to your home. And details to your life. Adding soul to both. And character to you.

How do we contact you?
Kollektion General Trading LLC
Star Giga House Building
Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
T: +971 4 330 6899