Virgin Megastore MOE unveils tree-like counters

With the unveiling of the new cash counters at Virgin Megastore in Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates, speaks to Becker Azzan, regional operations manager

What was the inspiration behind the design?
We loved what we did with the design of our latest flagship store in The Dubai Mall and decided to incorporate the same design elements, however in a unique way in order to give each store its own character. The new design in our Mall of the Emirates store was inspired by the president of Virgin Megastore, Nisreen Shocair.

Nisreen wanted a warm, cozy feel to compliment the books corner behind the cash counter, but with a modern and playful touch, which is where the idea of the wood fixtures on the outer cash counter wall came from. The wood is meant to represent a tree-like structure growing from the bottom up to form a cave-like entry. Once you walk in through the arch you are taken aback by the stunning Virgin red that engulfs the ceiling and carpets the floor. New daylight lamps and lighting fixtures are used to subtle the bright explosion of red and 50 inch LED panels give a modern look and help keep customers entertained with the latest events and activities while queuing.

What materials were used?
The wood fixture is made of high quality natural white oak veneer laminated on medium-density fiberboard. The cash counter top is of a high grade imported Corian fixed onto medium-density fiberboard. The inner walls and floors are laminated with Tretford Red Chilli carpeting made from 80% goat hair, 15% nylon and 5% viscose.

How does it improve the customer experience?
Customers at Virgin Megastore tend to stay on average about 45 minutes window shopping, listening to music, playing video games, etc. With our customers spending so much time in our store we wanted to enhance their experience by improving overall store lighting; bringing in new, eye-pleasing furniture designs and introducing a separate ticketing/customer service counter for an overall more convenient and enjoyable shopping experience.