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TAGO Architects will soon complete solar-reliant building in Istanbul

Turkish architecture firm TAGO Architects will soon complete the Roya Nova, an Istanbul-based project featuring a structural layout that benefits from solar energy.

All images courtesy TAGO Architects

According to the architects, the building’s architectural design minimises manpower by arranging its 255 units in such a way as to benefit from solar energy — it also offers living spaces that are efficient and open to personalisation.

Within 800m from the city’s financial centre and a stone’s throw from the Nezahat Gokyigit Botanic Garden, the 32-storey building is set to be one of the largest in Turkey. Also located near public transit stations, Roya Nova offers a visual break from the surrounding cityscape.

“The 30-storey tower is expressed as two different masses located on a commercial sub-mass,” said the architects in a statement. “Its basic parametres that shape its design are the quality of light, a panoramic view, effective integration of service areas and interaction with the existing urban surroundings.”

Although, they added, “The building’s design dramatically distinguishes the tower from its surrounding environment. It is thus intended to inspire accessible and sustainable approaches for other towers to be built in the future.”

Roya Nova consists of social facilities, meeting halls, recreation rooms, sports units and outdoor meeting corners.