BDP, Fabio Novembre - Post digital, Henning Larsen Architects, Lichtkunstlicht - 4 spheres, Royal Philips Electronics, Transitions: Light on the move, Winy Maas – Hammock

Philips brings ‘Transitions: Light on the move’ to Dubai

Royal Philips Electronics is organising the show, ‘Transitions: Light on the move’ at Dubai World Trade Centre on June 16.

The event features exhibits from six leading architects and lighting designers, who have each been invited to design the interior of a full sized 60-feet container using Philips’ lighting products.

Exhibiting their Lighting designs are: Winy Maas – Hammock, Fabio Novembre – Post digital, Lichtkunstlicht – 4 spheres, Henning Larsen Architects – I see what eye see, BDP – Life Cycle and Treush architects – Human Battery Charger.

“‘Transitions: Light on the move’, is all about new departures, new directions and new perceptions,” said Paolo Cervini, general manager, Philips Lighting Middle East.

“For Philips, this event exemplifies our strong focus on innovative projects and our ongoing commitment to support our creative and industrial partners with innovations and expertise in architectural lighting.”

Philips provides energy-efficient products for outdoor (road and city) and indoor (retail and hospitality, healthcare, offices and home) markets.