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Nardi releases contemporary outdoor collection

Designed by Raffaello Galiotto for Italian furniture retailer Nardi, Loto & Ninfea is a new collection of outdoor furniture consisting of a table and chair set.

Reimagining previous best sellers, the new Loto & Ninfea has been totally whitewashed and uses resin, glass and aluminium for its main materials.

With mid-summer upon us, home spaces are extending outward, with terraces and gardens natural living areas for receptions. The new collection intends to enhance the summer lifestyle, and provide a contemporary setting.

“The colours of our furniture, the combinations of different textures and cushion colours are an integral part of our brand’s design expertise, and it is one of our strengths,” said Floriana Nardi, head of marketing.

“Nevertheless, total white remains one of the untouchable colours in our catalogue, although it is always chosen as the star and not as a neutral feature of a setting, perhaps because ours is a vivid, block white, which remains unchanged even with extended use,” she added.

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