CID Awards, CID Awards 2016

Meet the CID Awards sponsors: Magis

Describing the CID Awards as “the biggest interior design event in the region”, Magis will for the first time present the Best Interior Design Concept of the Year award.

Magis has been known as a brand that doesn’t shy away from ‘the new’ but, in contrast, drives its strengths towards discovering innovative ways to create the indispensable. From Jasper Morrisson’s Air Chair to Konstantin Grcic’s Chair One, and to the latest Officina collection designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Magis’ designs are far from the ordinary.

Alberto Perazza, managing director of Magis, comments: “We believe it is important to Magis in order to increase its brand awareness in the region. We are happy to support the design industry and very much looking forward to hosting our valued clients during the award ceremony.”

Alberto Perazza, managing director of Magis

Commenting on the main challenges facing designers and architects in 2016, Perazza says: “Design and architecture today are much more complex activities than they used to be in the past. Finally, there seems to be more social responsibility involved in the projects. In my opinion, today there is an overproduction in both design and architecture. Under these circumstances, the main challenge for each designer and architect is to try to be different from each other.”

Magis Chair One

Perazza sees the UAE as one of the most active regions in the design/architecture industry and Dubai as a world creative capital.

“I am excited by the many challenging projects which are underway in these years, by their scale and their outstanding quality. And also by all the efforts that are being put into making the UAE a most sustainable country. Expo 2020 will be extremely interesting,” says Perazza.

This year at Milan Design Week, Magis launched new products in the Officina range by the Bouroullec brothers, the Brut collection of tables and benches by Konstantin Grcic in cast iron and the new Mila chair by Jaime Hayon in air-moulded polyethylene.

Magis Mila chair

Magis also introduced new products for its Me Too children’s range collection, including a height-adjustable chair by Big Game in solid wood and polypropylene and Fish, which is a collection of floating fishes in chicken wire by Benedetta Mori Ubaldini.