M.A.D. Gallery launches kinetic art and design in Dubai

Swiss-based creative lab MB&F has launched its concept M.A.D. Gallery in Dubai, bringing with it a showcase of mechanical and kinetic art and design.

M.A.D. gallery interiors in Al Serkaal Avenue

Opened in Al Serkaal Avenue, the gallery showcases originality and craftsmanship with an array of artists in the field of mechanical art such as Chicara Nagata, whose award-winning project ‘road machines’ took over 7,000 hours of work, and who was also present at the opening.


Other artists and works presented at the gallery include: Berlin-based Frank Buchwald’s ‘Machine Lights’; Chinese artist Xia Hang’s metallic sculptures; kinetic creations by UK-based creative collaboration Laikingland; as well as French-born Quentin Carnaille’s intricate projects using thousands of vintage watch components.

Apesanteur by Quentin Carnaille at the M.A.D. Gallery

Dubai is M.A.D.’s third destination after Geneva and Taipei.

“Dubai is the most influential and dynamic art hub in the region and we are excited to introduce these international artists to the local audience for the first time.We saw the M.A.D.Gallery as the perfect platform to showcase kinetic art by creators we greatly admire. The artworks we have chosen for M.A.D.Gallery speak to the creative, youthful and playful spirit within us and encourage the viewer to engage on a personal level,” said MB&F founder Maximilian Busser.

M.A.D. is being represented in Dubai by Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons.

Chicara Nagata presented his ‘road machines’ piece at the opening.

“My art works are a reflection of my passion and an expression of my gratitude for life and it is a rare privilege to encounter a gallery like M.A.D.Gallery that is open to pushing the boundaries of the traditional definition of art,” he said.