Light as a design element: Porsche Showroom Abu Dhabi

The Porsche brand was first introduced to the city of Abu Dhabi in 1987 when the Ali & Sons Group was entrusted with the exclusive dealership rights. Today the latest Porsche range is showcased in a state-of-the-art showroom facility.

VIVO spotlights provide pinpoint light that picks out the fine details of the cars

The centre reflects both the unique Porsche philosophy and the customer-focused approach of the Ali & Sons Group. In close collaboration with Ali & Sons and Porsche CI, a sophisticated lighting concept was created by the Austrian luminaire manufacturer Zumtobel.

Light is naturally an important design element in the showrooms, particularly when it comes to supporting presentation concepts and accurately displaying colours and materials. The lighting solution provided by Zumtobel fulfils all of these functions and simultaneously meets the corporate identity guidelines stipulated by Porsche.