2012 Palomba Collection, Laufen

Laufen launches 2012 Palomba Collection

Swiss bathroom manufacturer, Laufen, has teamed up with Italian designers Roberto and Ludovica Palomba again to introduce several pieces into its Palomba collection.

Since its introduction in 2005 the collection has fluctuated between geometric and organic forms. This time round there is a return to soft lines.

The 2012 Palomba Collection includes a bathtub, eight washbasins and a series of co-ordinating accessories, with the various pieces designed to be mixed and matched.

Central to the collection is the Menhir washbasin, a floorstanding ceramic washbasin available in a freestanding or wall-hung version. “Menhir”, which means “tall stone” has smooth contours reminiscent of a rock formed and polished by the tide.

Menhir is described by its designers as a ‘water nest’, and comes with a high back that is ergonomically sloped.