Kayiwa’s LED pendant lamps shine bright like a diamond

Kaiyawa, the inventor of the diamond-shaped glassware, continues to push boundaries with the introduction of Carat light fixtures.

“Lighting can change the entire ambience of a room, not just by providing the appropriate light,” says designer Lincoln Kayiwa. “The right fixtures can create the perfect fusion of functionality and style, even when they are turned off.”

Through various sizes, colours and configurations, the collection can solve any number of aesthetic and functional needs for residential, hospitality, and contract settings.

In addition to the classic De Stijl colors, the glass shades are obtainable in various hues, the ceiling roses exist in three color options, and the textile cable cords are available in various colors as well as patterns.


The standard light source for all the Carat luminaire models is a custom-designed 6 W, 400-lumen LED, with a colour temperature of 4000 K. However, in addition to other features, it is possible to vary the light colour temperature or lumens, as well as dim the light to create the lighting for any application.

The pendant lamps incorporate a silicone ceiling rose that adapts to any type of ceiling – horizontal or inclined.