Georgian designer Tinatin Kilaberidze debuts custom furniture collection

Valerie Goodman Gallery in New York will host this October a custom, capsule collection of furniture, lighting and wallpaper, created by interior and architectural designer Tinatin Kilaberidze.

“If I have to connect two dots, I will always use the shortest path,” says the designer. However, in her view the preference for the straight line – or the sharp edge – is not at all in conflict with a deep love for the organic: “Nature has three elements; simplicity, geometry and balance,” she explains. “The spiral, the hexagon and the sphere for example, are not a rational imposition onto an unruly natural world, but rather a part of nature itself – these geometric principles are embodied in the nautilus, the honeycomb and the planet.

Kilaberidze’s grand console with its concertina base may employ the aesthetic power of stark angles but it also revels in the beauty of unadulterated wood.

It took her three months to find the right piece of ash and a few more for her master carpenter to build it. With its powerful square base, Kilaberidze’s pentagon table also exudes solidity and boldness.

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