GE Lighting, GE Lighting EMEA, Olympics, Phil Marshall, President and CEO, Tower Bridge

GE Lighting contributes to a sustainable Olympics

As a London 2012 Sustainability Partner and a Global Olympic 2012 sponsor, GE Lighting has worked alongside the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) to deliver a series of lighting projects.

It has provided energy efficient, low impact lighting for permanent and temporary installations that will either continue to deliver energy savings for years to come or allow lamps to be re-used in projects around the city after the Olympic & Paralympic Games end in September 2012.

“We worked closely with the London Organisational Committee for the Olympic Games to ensure we met the varying requirements; creating lighting that would last beyond the Olympic Games wherever we could as well as temporary installations where products could be utilised for future events,” said Phil Marshall, president and CEO, GE Lighting EMEA.

GE Lighting has supplied its Odyssey luminaires and CMH Streetwise lamps within the main visitor areas in the Olympic Parks.

It also supplied a range of specialist sports floodlights for the Olympic Hockey Arena. An extremely powerful architectural floodlight, the Euroflood 2000 has been designed with an integrated ballast compartment for HPS and Metal Halide (MH) lamps up to 600W.

In addition, to mark the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games GE has transformed London’s Tower Bridge with a lighting system to enhance its architectural features and replace static lights with bulbs that can vary in intensity and colour.

The famous landmark will also feature giant suspended Olympic Rings and Paralympic Agitos for the 45 days of the Games. GE will be illuminating the rings, as well as smaller versions in Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff using LED Floodlights.