DXBDW: Barcelona-based designers create chairs inspired by desert communities

Barcelona-based design studio Toru has created two chairs that don’t abide by conventional seating standards. The chairs will be presented as part of ‘Destinations’ at Downtown Design, during the second edition of Dubai Design Week.

Babu by Toru

Babu and Clop are made using local leather from Igualada that resonates with the cultural roots of the city.

Created using a 6mm leather section which folds back on itself as a backrest and bottom, Babu is supported by small brass feet that can be put on the ground and which holds the structure together.


The designers said that the design was influenced by the journeys of desert tribes, who would sit on the ground in groups to eat, socialise and plan the route for their next journey.


In addition to providing a comfortable seating solution, the chairs acts as places for meditation, comfort and relaxation.

Clop has an unusual fold which extends over the backrest, evoking a seamless finish from the top to the bottom of the chair. It combines leather and wood, referencing a ‘clog shoe’ which use the same two materials.