Dubai mall showcases interactive light and sound installation

Höweler + Yoon Architecture and interactive media engineering firm Parallel Developments have created an interactive light and sound installation called ‘Aviary Glass Grove’ which is currently on show at two separate clusters at the Dubai Mall.

The installation responds to human touch by displaying illumination and sound effects when touched. The word ‘aviary’ itself translates to a large enclosure for confining birds and the installation embodies a  metaphorical representation of such a space.

Aviary can be used by more than one person, giving off various tweeting sounds upon contact, whether a bird in flight or one in its natural habitat.

Each aviary forms the shape of a spiral with poles of varying heights, from 2.5m to 4m, with the tallest poles at the centre of the composition, where one can experience the best sound effects.

Each pole has a specialised set of related sounds that range from bird songs at the crown to abstract interpretations at the base.

As the Arabian peninsula is the hinge between Africa and Asia, it is therefore on the migration route of many species of birds. The team worked with sound composer, Erik Carlson to select individual melodies of the birds and ones that provided cultural symbolism such as peregrine falcons, the Africa desert warbler, the great hoopoe lark and the Arabian babbler.

You can also watch a live video of how ‘Aviary’ works.