Case study: Bruno Guelaff completes interiors for GP Xtreme store

Dubai-based studio Bruno Guelaff completes interiors for GP Xtreme, a store for motorsports enthusiasts.

GP Xtreme is more than a retail project; it is an experience for all the senses – if you are a motorsports lover, of course. Dubai-based designer Bruno Guelaff and his team were chosen to come with a concept for the interior that would serve both as a gallery space to showcase memorabilia, but also where guests can have a taste of high-speed motoring by taking the wheel of an Aston Martin GT simulator.

The challenge laid down by the client was to transform and refurbish an existing 360m2 commercial space along Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai into a dynamic experience.

Whitewashed concrete counter system is 22m long.

The client, a professional racing car driver, has collected an array of track memorabilia over his career and keeps acquiring items at various auctions around the world, from signed vintage helmets, to original artwork, to vintage Formula 1 steering wheels and even a full collection of 22 vintage F1 cars.

“In essence, GP Xtreme is an ‘ever-fluctuating’ art gallery where clients can purchase items to add their own personal collections,” says Guelaff.

Simulator race room.

Upon entering the space, visitors are immediately immersed in a sense of speed thanks to a 30m long backlit angular stretched ceiling light fixture spanning the entire interior. The ceiling light gets narrower as visitors walk through the space accompanied by a full height aqua blue ribbed angled wall creating speed lines and the sense of movement.

A 22m long dual whitewashed concrete counter system, standing on a polished concrete floor, spans the space serving as a cash counter, up-lit gallery, coffee bar and storage area.

The designers chose grey upholstery fabrics from Kvadrat for the sofas.

Art pieces on sale line the wall behind the concrete counters leading the patrons through the space, although some surprises lay ahead behind a motorised garage door.

“GP Xtreme is not only an art gallery but also a thrilling ride,” adds Guelaff. “One race simulator is nestled in the retail space with a 6m wide curved screen. Professional racing drivers and car enthusiasts alike can rent time in the Aston Martin GT simulator. In the engineering room, coaches guide clients as they explore all the major race tracks in the world.”

Whitewashed concrete counter system is 22m long.

Family and friends can watch the driver’s performance on the nine LED panel wall in the central lounge area. The designers have chosen the Kvadrat lined X sofa, which is under an industrial styled angled X light fixture. Drivers can then discuss their performance in the meeting room all the while being surround by the memorabilia.

Describing the overall design concept, Guelaff concludes that the GP Xtreme is a modern speed driven retail space that does not want to stand still.

Vintage Formula 1 steering wheel is on display.

The lounge area features simple furniture.

White bathroom with sharp angles.

Retail space serves as a gallery.