Architect Daniel Libeskind, Zumtobel, ‘eL Masterpiece’ chandelier

Architect Daniel Libeskind designs limited edition chandelier for Zumtobel

Architect Daniel Libeskind has created a limited-edition ‘eL Masterpiece’ chandelier for Zumtobel.

The chandelier, which made its debut at Art Basel Miami Beach recently is only the fourth in Zumbotel’s Masterpiece series of stylistic designs by various creative figures.

The other Masterpieces are Starbrick (2009), by Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson; VorteXX (2005), by British architect Zaha Hadid; and the LQ-P-Chandelier (2005), by New York architect and artist Hani Rashid.

Libeskind’s chandelier nine feet tall and two-and-a-half feet wide. It weighs 350 pounds. A luminous, sharp-edged, cascading shape, the chandelier has a highly-polished stainless steel exterior and a stainless-and-23-carat-gold-plated-leaf interior.

Illumination has 1,680 specially designed LED modules that have the ability to create seven colour scenarios controlled wirelessly via a special iPad app.

The lighting owes its existence to a complex algorithim developed by Dr. Noam Libeskind, Libeskind’s son and an astrophysicist at the Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam.

The formula uses the LEDs to tell the story of how light came into being, with each LED module representing a small volume of outer space after the Big Bang and the subsequent expansion of the universe.