10 regional brands to debut at Downtown Design

Set In Dubai Design District from 25-28 October, Downtown Design will bring together more than 100 established and emerging brands from 30 countries.

The fourth edition of the Downtown Design fair will bring together more than 100 brands from 30 countries, but also recognises the importance of locality in regional interior design. From graphic textiles, inlaid marquetry, living green walls, glass chandeliers to jewelled consoles – all designed or made in the region, we handpick 10 emerging regional brands not to miss this year.

Cecilia Setterdahl (UAE)

Based in d3, Canvas Carpets Cushions is a brand born from Cecilia Setterdahl’s passion for combinations of form and colour in art and design. She started her creative career painting abstract, geometric artwork, but her work moved from wall to floor. Her company only produces limited editions of 10 for each design, resulting in the concept behind Canvas Carpets Cushions today.

Green Road (UAE)

Green Road takes the living wall trend and brings it indoors with a selection of hand-made plant pictures. There’s a range of styles from forest floor to jungle to suit any interior and create an eye-catching and pleasant atmosphere.

Pallavi Dean (UAE)

At Downtown Design, Dubai-based interior designer Pallavi Dean debuts a first product collection, working with highly-regarded manufacturers Stellar Works and Preciosa Lighting.

Etqaan (UAE/Lebanon)

Etqaan, which in Arabic translates to “perfection” or “mastering”, is a design house that combines traditional techniques with modern global trends and is an artistic collaboration between Iwan and Hossama, a fourth generation family business that goes back to the early 1900s.

Tamara Barrage (Lebanon)

Beirut-based product designer Tamara Barrage explores the tactile and sensorial characteristics of various materials. Her colourful, heavy Dead Weight collection will be on display at Destination at Downtown Design.

Muriel Kai (Lebanon)

Muriel Kai graduated in product design from the Académie Libanaise de Beaux Arts in Lebanon and throughout her studies learnt the process of design. Kai uses fruit leather, an innovative material made from a mix of fruit and vegetable waste, which is 100% organic and can be applied to a variety of products, including tea lights and jewellery boxes.

Paola Sakr (Lebanon)

Paola Sakr is a Lebanese product designer and photographer. Morning Ritual is a series of biodegradable containers made of coffee grounds and newspaper waste inspired by the designer’s childhood memories watching her father sip Arabic coffee while reading the newspaper.

Hands (India)

Hands has woven carpets for prestigious palaces, luxury hotels, institutions and residences for 135 years. Hands prides itself on the finesse of the final product – each carpet has 4,900 knots per square inch and is hand-knotted and hand-tufted by weavers.

NM Collection (UAE)

Recently launched contemporary furniture line NM Collection fuses modern luxury with traditional Islamic art. Founded by Abu Dhabi-based designers Fouad Mirza and Ritchie Nolasco, the duo have an eye for integrating local artisanal craftsmanship and Arabesque elements with modern design.

Klove (India)

Prateek Jain and Gautam Seth, known as the ‘lighting boys’, launched Klove a decade ago with a collection of hand-crafted lights. The brand known for its blown glass chandeliers, later evolved into larger installations and highly customised products.

Samovar Carpets (Kuwait)

Samovar Carpets and Furniture, a family carpet business founded back in the 1920s by Alaa Hindi and Sons, defines refinement and hospitality. Samovar is the Guinness World Record holder for the largest handwoven carpet made in Iran in 2009.