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Anarchitect designs modernist Dubai Hills villa

Jonathan Ashmore of Anarchitect has designed an award-winning villa in the affluent Dubai Hills community.

The 3,000m² property in Dubai’s high-end residential neighbourhood is refined and elegant, according to Commercial Interior Design.

 It won Interior Design of the Year: Residential at the Commercial Interior Design Awards 2019 and Anarchitect has since spoken about what makes the raved-about project so special.

‘‘Throughout the design process, we constantly visualised how different members of the family would use each and every space within the new home,” said Ashmore, Anarchitect’s founder.

“The most inspiring opportunity lied within the challenge to connect and frame views across the home from all corners of each floor to encourage healthy interaction and therefore strengthen the sense of ‘family and security’ which we felt was important particularly for the client’s young children,” he added.