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X-Architects'”avant-garde” design for Abu Dhabi is a reinterpretation of traditional mosque architecture

Dubai-based firm X-Architects has revealed plans to design a contemporary mosque in Abu Dhabi, UAE where the traditional dome and minarets have been reinterpreted to engage with their immediate urban context.

All images are courtesy of X-Architects.

The Jame’e Mosqu, that is being designed for property developer Aldar, is located on a public seaside promenade facing a marina, contributing to the contextual research and integration of the project.

According to the architects, the mosque suggests a new way of looking at traditional Islamic architecture while still maintaining its essence.

It investigates geometry, scale, and architectural language, resulting in a multifaceted architecture that is avant-garde in relation to its traditional program, while remaining rooted in its context and culture.

The traditional ‘sahan’ or ‘courtyard’ has been re-imagined as a plaza which transforms the site into an “urban connector”, creating a public space that allows the mosque to connect to its context.

The leaning dome, inspired by the shifting sand dunes of the desert, acts as an urban lantern at night. During the day, the high oculus brings daylight into the space, forming a connection with the interior and the outdoor environment.

The 2200m2 project is currently in the schematic design phase.

Iranian architect Arash G Tehrani has also recently proposed a contemporary mosque that features an extended plaza made of bricks.