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TAGO Architects design urban renewal project for Sharjah

Turkish architecture firm TAGO Architects recently revealed images of its upcoming urban renewal project for Sharjah, UAE.

Intended to contribute to the economic and social development of the emirate — the long-established industrial centre of the country — the project will consist of open and semi-open common areas, residences, and commercial and education spaces.

Led by architect Gokhan Aktan Altug, TAGO recently signed on to design the project, which will be implemented in an area of 75,000m2 and will begin construction by 2020.

The architects prioritised the education structures and placed them as the masterplan’s core hubs — around them, residential and commercial units rotate.

The blocks were shifted backward toward the corners of the city plan, with small public squares integrated between them. Created as a grid plan, the urban renewal project also features independent areas for men and women.

Natural ventilation was also considered and addressed via the use of narrow streets and sidewalks. The renewable GRC coating material to be used on the facades of the buildings is also weather resistant.