2 Weeks nightclub, Architecture in Lebanon, Rabih Geha Architects

Rabih Geha Architects designs a nightclub inspired by shipping containers and its waterfront location

Lebanese architecture firm Rabih Geha Architects has designed a nightclub, 2 Weeks, in Beirut for local entertainment company Add-Mind Group.

Located inside an abandoned restaurant on the top floor of a building in the New Waterfront area, the project brief was to turn the disused space into a trendy entertainment venue on a limited deadline of just two months.

Using layers of perforated steel to create demarcated interior spaces, the design team decided to retain the existing shell while adding fresh elements to it. Even the original black and white tiled flooring was left intact in certain areas, along with new black terrazzo tiles and cement screed.

The theme has been derived from the shipping containers along the port, playing with the idea of partial containment and escape, enclosed, yet open. Guests sitting on the high tables can get a view of the docks through the gaps in the steel panels behind the bar featuring full length windows.

Due to long periods of neglect, the walls had fallen into disrepair, but were left untouched to inject a rawness into the space, while refreshing other elements, such as the addition of a webbed black steel wall.

Other updates to the space include parallel lines of vertical strip lighting elements illuminate the inside of the container-like screens. These industrial elements have been juxtaposed a variety of materials such as the rich velvet upholstery and zig-zag brushed brass of the DJ booth.

Photos: Tony Elieh

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