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Masih Fazile designs a narrow house with flexible spatial functions to reduce the disconnect on different floors

Iranian architect Masih Fazile has designed a narrow residential complex on a small plot, spanning an area of 70m2, in Isfahan province. “We tried to break the limits of small apartment units, and in doing so, any space, instead of having a particular function, becomes a multi-functional space,” says Fazile. In addition, all spaces in the building have light, view and proper ventilation.

Considering the limited dimensions of the area, and the limitations of elevation and height, Fazile has tried to separate the spaces through designing sub-spaces with different altitudes in each unit instead of using segregated elements such as walls. “This way, through establishing a logical connection between spaces and observing the principle of hierarchy, we witnessed the formation of flexible and multi-functional spaces,”says Fazile.

Moving from one space to another is possible through a limited number of stairs; therefore, the sense of motion and dynamism increases. While moving around the space is easy, visual division is also kept to a minimum, while increasing the functionality – each staircase landing extends into a usable space.

“Our motive to design this building is to create a model for designing high-rise buildings, which not only has a decent quality of life, but also has a positive impact on the interactions of individuals in the community,” says Fazile.

Photos: Farshid Nasrabadi

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