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Manuel Herz Architects designs extension for eastern Senegal’s only hospital

Swiss studio Manuel Herz Architects has recently released its plans for the extension of  Tambacounda Hospital — the only hospital in eastern Senegal

Located 400 kilometres southeast of Dakar, the country’s capital, the hospital serves the 80,000 residents of Tambacounda, as well as the near-million of medical tourists that travel from neighbouring countries to seek treatment.

The design of the new extension, which consists of a snaking building that features perforated brick walls, was informed by the intention to alleviate congestion from the overcrowded communal areas and wards. At the moment, some of the hospital’s challenges include overheated waiting areas and lack of bed space.

Manuel Herz Architects pictured the design as a “model and a new paradigm for medical institutions in Senegal and for the African continent as a whole”.

Spanning 3,000m2, the S-shaped extension plan positions a new series of treatment rooms across a rounded plan which seamlessly integrates the existing hospital buildings.

While the maternity ward and operations unit will sit on the ground floor, the paediatrics clinic will be housed on the upper level.

The mashrabiya-inspired facade of the building will appear as a series of archways fronted by perforated bricks, which will bring in cool air and circulate it throughout the interior spaces.