London-based architects design sustianable facade for mixed-use development in Tehran

London-based Kamvari Architects has won a competition to design a mixed-use building scheme, unveiling its design for Zartosht, a 30,000 square foot retail and office project located in the Iranian capital of Tehran.

The design is based on cultural contexts including the region’s reputation for fabric and textiles as well as environmental awareness towards solar energy.

“The overall aim here is to create a new precedent in terms of quality retail and office space for the city of Tehran. The design, greatly influenced by the local region and the long and illustrious history of architecture within Iran, makes every attempt to use advanced design tools as means of creating a sustainable and innovative building,” the architects said.

The buildings are open on three sides with each one holding an individual solar load depending on its orientation. In addition to this, each parametrically designed façade is louvered to allow it to open and close according to present weather conditions.

This allows for heat reduction as well as letting in natural light to filter through the windows, minimising the need for indoor lighting and cooling systems.

The building also features two larger areas, located at the ground level and on the rooftop, which caters to public activity.