Lasvit unveils lighting sculpture Symphony at Dubai Opera

The dynamically-lit glass sculpture titled Symphony, which is created by Czech glass brand Lasvit, spans three floors of the main atrium and greets guests as they enter the recently opened Dubai Opera.

Designed by Libor Sostak, Lasvit’s in-house designer, the sculpture was inspired by the element of water and Dubai’s maritime past. It is composed of thousands of individually crafted glass pearls. The overall shape of the sculpture also draws its inspiration from fishing nets in a vortex of bubbles rising through the depths of the sea.

The jewel-like heart of this chandelier is 11m long and 5m. This 5-tonne sculpture is lit by nearly 3,000 internal LED sources and sparkles with thousands of hand-blown crystal components.

“The theme of the sculpture arises from traditional and cultural elements of the UAE. I aimed for a very organic appearance,” says Sostak. “I envisioned a modern-day lighting centrepiece that would create the same sense of luxury and grandeur that opera deserves. The dynamic lighting is very sophisticated and allows us to program effects to match the music. Visitors will naturally be drawn to light and music, forming a beating heart within the space.”

The individual pearls contain tiny bubbles of air captured in the glass to enhance its refraction of light, an effect essential for the dynamic lighting of the sculpture. In a subtle reference to the trade that stood as the foundation of Dubai, the geometric spacing of glass elements resembles fishing nets moving through water.

“I’ve said before that Dubai Opera and the Opera District will encapsulate not only a fantastic range of performance genres but also bespoke and exclusive cultural commissions of all kinds,” comments chief executive of Dubai Opera, Jasper Hope, “Working with the core elements of Dubai Opera’s overall design the team at LASVIT have created a sculpture which will be another jewel in our collection for guests to enjoy every time they visit the venue.”

Designed by Janus Rostock of Atkins, Dubai Opera resembles a traditional dhow boat and all elements of the interior and exterior are in keeping with the heritage of Dubai, which revolves largely around the water-based industries such as fishing and pearl fishing.