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Kuwait’s Studio AAP designs a seafront residential project underscored by marina docks and canals

Kuwait-based Studio AAP has completed a residential complex in Sabah Alahmed Alsabah Maritime City in Al Khiran, in the southern part of Kuwait.

The 2,063m2 project has been built along the shoreline, and like Dubai’s ambitious canal project, the Kuwaiti development brings the sea into the desert to create a series of canals, which are anchored by several docks and marinas featuring resorts and recreational activities.

The complex of five white villas sits on one of the inner canals overlooking the sea. Despite the outlines of the villas being very similar, the volumes present subtle variations, evoking a different visual language. This is due to the original concept, which envisioned the space with a sense of uniformity, using the simple plane geometry as its core principle.


The design has been derived from the traditional Kuwaiti way of life, where the main daily living areas reference the beach, exterior patios, gardens and pool areas. The concept of diwaniya, a formal lounge and reception area for the guests has also been incorporated into the design on the ground level.
Upper floors are enveloped by high walls, partially perforated, to preserve privacy, yet allow natural light to filter through.

Photos: Joao Morgado

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