In pictures: Candy Crush HQ features a forest-inspired theme

A Swedish-based interior design company, Adolfsson & Partners, has designed a nature-inspired office space for King, one of the leading game development companies.

The creator of the game Candy Crush wanted an office space that is both flexible and provides multiple areas suited for all types of operation methods. At the same time, the design team had to take into consideration the nature of their work, which is driven by creativity and playfulness.

“In a business that is looking for new solutions, the employees have to have the energy and power to accomplish great work to succeed in the industry. King needed an office to match that drive,” the design team explained.

Adam Schaub, studio manager, came up with a concept called The Forest, rooted in Swedish forests. To make the most out of the natural light in the studio, the team made a glass-roofed well which became
the centrepiece of the office.

”It would be a waste filling the area under the skylight up with desks and turning it into a traditional working space,” said Schaub. “With innovative solutions such as interactive floors which make streams turn into ice, we made turning seasons an indoor reality.

The design also needed to cater to different types of workplaces, which allows the developers at King to be creative, something they need daily while working on new games and apps.

To strengthen the forest theme, an artificial stream has also been designed. The interactive stream connects different parts of the office. People’s steps get scanned and turned into movements in the water.

Office facts
• 1540 sqm
• 121 work places
• 14 meeting rooms
• 310 sqm forest
• Interactive floor
• Creston light control soloutions
• Preprogrammed seasonal audio system
• Animal silouettes
• Kitchen with herbes
• Ping Pong table, Air hockey & Pinnball