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Groupe3Architectes designs new airport for Guelmim, Morocco

Rabat-based Moroccan architecture practice Groupe3Architectes has designed a new airport for Guelmim,  is a city in southern Morocco nicknamed ‘Gateway to the Desert’.

All photos courtesy of Fernando Guerra / FG+SG, Groupe3Architectes

The Guelmim Airport has been integrated into an existing military infrastructure located three kilimetres north of the city. The brief for the project called for simplicity, efficiency, environmental control and extensibility, which is a prerequisite for the durability of an airport.

According to the architects, the construction of the building was done in two phases, which resulted in a linear design parallel to the runways.



The terminal building consists of two double-height halls that host the waiting areas which open onto the landscape on one side and onto the runways on the other, protected by wide overhangs and a light-filtering façade.

The main issue of the project was providing the maximum amount of natural light and ventilation to avoid expensive technical equipment, while optimising the view of the surrounding landscape, which facilitates the movement and flow of the building’s users.