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First Design Studio designs Silence House in Isfahan

Designed by First Design Studio in 2017, the 600m2 project, led by architects Mohammad Shamaeizadeh and Shirin Shariffar, sits in Isfahan, Iran.

According to the architects, the project’s standout design features include the simplicity of its structure and the movement between interior spaces.

The “connection with urban design” as well as the various green spaces throughout the interiors reflect the design team’s effort in making a community-driven, peaceful home.

“Greenery yards inside and outside not only play the main role in making the whole structure of the building and its pathway, but also are the main factors that create the quality of the spaces,” wrote the architects in a statement. “Silence, greenery and light in the heart of the house inspire the spaces.”

Throughout the interior, spaces are left open to one another, with glass panelling separating the individual areas that further surround a private courtyard. While the outdoor areas feature lattice brick work, earthy materials and neutral colour palettes abound inside.

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