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Edoardo Tresoldi works with Dubai-based studio to create wire mesh installation in Abu Dhabi

Italian sculptor Edoardo Tresoldi has created a near-invisible classical courtyard setting as a backdrop to a royal event that took place in Abu Dhabi.

Using his signature material- wire mesh- the sculptor designed an architectural landscape consisting of columns and domes that interact with more modern-style aesthetics to blend two visual dichotomies.

The wire mesh installation inside the 7000m2 events space, is created in collaboration with Dubai-based studio Designlab Experience.

The overall scenography has been conceived as a garden where nature meets architecture, complete with live trees and greenery.

The classical wire creations are ‘cut’ using various geometries such as sphere, cubes and planes that play on the idea of classical and modernist identities, in addition to creating diverse spatial volumes within the space.

Upon completion of the event, various sections of the landscape will be re-installed in different universities, museums and parks across Abu Dhabi.