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Dewan releases images of its new collaborative workspace in Dubai Design District

Regional architecture practice, Dewan Architects + Engineers, has recently moved its Dubai-based teams from a villa on Al Wasl Road to a spacious office in Dubai Design District (d3).


According to Haider Al Assam, director of operations at Dewan, the office’s new location will help foster more creativity.

“The d3 environment will allow for more informal interactions with clients, peers and partners through the various functions and events that take place at d3,” he said, “and this is where the value is — where we can build friendships and professional associations with equally-minded people in our industry.”


He added, “d3 is the design hub of the region and is a great incubator of talent. Being in this young, innovative, design-focused environment is the right choice for us and allows us to better cooperate with our peers and partners who are also in d3.”

According to Al Assam, the office plans were specifically developed to target collaboration and interaction among the different departments.

He explained that the team workstations are arranged to allow for team members to face one another, while the different departments are separated by informal breakout areas to facilitate short meetings and discussions.

“The materials used also enhance the relaxed attitude that is needed for a creative process,” he said. “The extensive use of greenery and disentangled concrete that converts into moss on the walls further enhances this feeling and enlarges the space.”

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