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BIA Design’s installation for Saudi Design Week aims to raise awareness on oil-reliance in the Gulf

Dubai-based BIA Design is set to showcase an installation during the fourth edition of Saudi Design Week called Black Diamond, as part of its Special Projects programme.

BIA Design’s installation seeks to unify the event’s identity with its venue, while paying homage to the late Zaha Hadid who designed the convention centre where the event will be taking place. The concept of the installation focuses on petroleum and its derivatives.

The installation will be placed in the lobby area of the building and is composed of basic individual modules which are scattered in space to represent a fragmented gem or diamond that has once formed part of a larger piece.

“Zaha Hadid’s architecture inspired us in terms of exploring the possibilities of parametric design and the repetition of a modular shape to form a whole entity or system. KAPSARC’s focus on petroleum studies and energy research led us to define our guiding concept: Petroleum and its derivatives and/or by-products as primary materials to be explored throughout an artistic vision,” BIA Design explains.

“Given the impact that petroleum has made on economic progress in the region, Black Diamond intends to celebrate petroleum as the Gulf’s gem in a metaphoric sense. The use of black colours in different shades, textures and reflectivity throughout the installation is directly related to petroleum’s physical properties and its lucidity as a material. On the other hand, the use of crystalline forms and triangulated shapes correlates to the artist’s interpretation of Petroleum as a black diamond in a poetic sense.”

In terms of materiality, the design team will be using black materials extracted from petroleum or crude oil such as asphalt, bitumen paint, wax, polystyrene, paint, latex, fabric, nylon thread, rubber and plastic. Additionally, BIA Design also intends on experimenting with the material’s density and form by creating smooth and rough textures that simulate different states of the formation of petroleum from crude oil.

“Parallel to the artistic intake and the intent to celebrate Petroleum as a source of energy and an icon of progress, the art installation aims to raise awareness of our massive dependence on oil and petroleum-made products and hence promote the need to advance research and technology in the field of energy efficiency and alternative resources,” BIA Design added.

Saudi Design Week will take place from 4-9 October, 2017 at the Zaha Hadid-designed Apec Convention Centre (ACC) at the heart of the King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Centre (KASPARC) in Riyadh.

BIA Design’s founder Ana D’Castro has been shortlisted as Interior Designer of the Year for the 2017 Commercial Interior Design Awards. See full shortlist here.