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Apple Store Dubai Mall celebrates the sun and Arabic culture, says Stefan Behling of Foster + Partners

Head of Studio of Foster + Partners, Stefan Behling says the newly opened Apple Dubai Mall store will become a “true people’s place”.

“The design of Apple Dubai Mall is about creating an exceptional architectural and social experience for visitors, bringing to the fore new ideas about the evolving role of Apple Flagships in the community. I am sure Apple Dubai Mall will become a true people’s place,” Behling said.

Images courtesy of Foster + Partners

The new store aims to reinvent the traditional introverted idea of mall-based retail to become more outward looking and engage the surrounding urban life.

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 Spanning over two floors, the design of Apple Dubai Mall is a celebration of the sun, with the kinetic ‘Solar Wings’ installation used to shade the outdoor terrace during the day and opening during the evening.

The wings reinterpret the traditional Arabic Mashrabiya, with a movement path that is inspired by a falcon spreading its wings, and motorised to open and close within a one minute time frame.

Images courtesy of Foster + Partners

“The opening and closing of these majestic Solar Wings is analogous to a delicate ballet recital – but on a monumental scale,” Behling said.

“In some ways it is a very spiritual experience, with the sun steaming through them and creating the most delicate and beautiful patterns of light and shade – a seamless blend of technology and culture.”

The installation is made entirely of lightweight carbon fibre – also chosen for its resistance to oxidisation- each wing has multiple layers of tubes forming a dense net.

Images courtesy of Foster + Partners

The architects carried out an in-depth study of sun angles, resulting in thicker ‘wings’ towards the middle of the kinetic art installation ti resist wind loads. Sunlight streaming through the wings casts dappled shadows into the interior of the space.

The shaded terrace features mine trees in large planters that also serve as outdoor seating. The planters will rotate mechanically to ensure that the trees receive even sunlight.

Images courtesy of Foster + Partners

Visitors can access the store through full-height doors on both levels, directly accesses from Dubai Mall .

The store also features The Avenue, an area design for accessory display on the lower level alongside Apple’s signature display tables that sit in the midst of a grove of trees.

Images courtesy of Foster + Partners

Apple Dubai Mall will also launch the brand’s new in-store experience, ‘Today at Apple’ where ‘New Creative Pros’ the liberal arts counterpart to Apple’s technical ‘Geniuses’ , will offer individual advice and training in photography, film making, art and design.

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