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Alhumaidhi Architects designs Slice House for Kuwait

Located in Al-Adiliyah, Kuwait, Slice House by Alhumaidhi Architects spans a rectangular plot area of 1000m2 that has neighbours to the east and south. According to the architects, the shorter street frontage on the western side benefits from a community garden across the street.

“The massing looks like a slice of cake,” the architects said in a statement. “A triangular wedge inserted into the plot and angled to maximise privacy away from neighbours to the east and from across the pedestrian alley on its northern edge. The angled edge also subtly orients the home’s views and main frontage towards the garden across the street.”

While the slice occupies a footprint covering approximately 50 percent of the plot, the rest of the area is devoted to a private garden and pool. In the north-western corner of the plot, the architects incorporated a detached annex facing the pool that features a gym and bathroom.

“The client requested a design which can, in the future spatially and programmatically separate into to independent homes,” the architects said. “One for the parents and another for the son’s future family. Thus, the majority of the current programme (such as the reception, office space, main kitchen, and parents living suites and bedroom) are stacked vertically above one another within the wider base of the wedge. While the sons private quarters and living space are vertically stacked within the tip of the wedge.”

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