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Admun Studio redesigns cinema lobby in Tehran to create a cinematic frame-inspired space

Tehran’s Admun studio, helmed by architects Amirreza Fazel, Seyed Shobeir Mousavi and Mahdi Kolahi, was commissioned to design the cinema lobby in Tirajhe 2 mall. The first branch of Boshra cinema complex shares the second floor space with a food court in this popular shopping centre.

Its previous design made the cinema inconspicuous due to the way the entrance had been designed. As a result, most mall visitors remained unaware of the cinema’s existence.

Before renovation, the lobby consisted of two surfaces with an approximate two-metre difference in height connected by stairs, which presented two inactive spaces and an access path. Post renovation, the lobby space has been optimised through designed to invite users inside following a sloping, carpeted path.

The scenes being created by the movements of the users within the different sections of the complex project the lobby as a dynamic sequence within its context, creating a different spatial experience of views, horizons and motions.

For this purpose, the lower surface of the lobby is divided into three sections rising from the floor level reaching the upper mezzanine in the form of a sloped surface. The railings move along a vertical plane to reach the ceiling.

The volumetric extension continues to the ceiling turning into multiple linear recessed lights, breaking the visual continuity into several frames as the user walks through the space.

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