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Additional images revealed of Baharash Architecture’s self-sustaining biodomes for Al Hajar mountains in the UAE

Baharash Architecture has recently revealed its design for the new Biodomes Wildlife Conservation Centre located in the Al Hajar mountains which aims to boost ecotourism in the UAE.

The project will also conserve the mountainous region of Al Hajar – located in the eastern region of the UAE – which is home to rare species of indigenous wildlife.

In addition to providing facilities for a wildlife conservation centre, it will also include an adventure-based wilderness retreat.

The three self-sustaining bio-domes are easy to assemble on site, in addition to providing  sense of being wholly surrounded by nature.

Made of prefabricated parts, the conservation centre includes 100% renewable energy, onsite wastewater recycling for irrigation and onsite waste management.

Baharash Architecture has also been commissioned to design the world’s greenest eco-friendly retreat in Liwa, UAE.