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#RisingStars: Meet Annika Broemmer from RSP Architects Planners & Engineers

Annika Broemmer began her career at RSP Architects & Engineers, where she joined directly as a junior interior designer upon completing her studies at the American University in Dubai. While her studies provided her with a solid foundation for creative and theoretical practice, Broemmer feels it is up to companies to help young designers smoothly transition from one environment to the next.

“All in all I think that my university provided me with a good foundation, while the step to integrate into corporate offices and processes is very much depending on the introduction into a company, the company culture, and your personal engagement,” she explains.

She adds that there was an instant chemistry between herself and the company, who readily took on her fresh and creative approach to design. “I was well received and guided into the corporate world,” she says.

Broemmer’s first project was a twin tower residential project called 42/52 luxury residential tower. “The support by colleagues and especially the head of interior design was great and turned out to be a fruitful creative process,” she says.

Broemmer is currently working on a five-star wellness and spa hotel on Palm Jumeirah.

“The world of design is currently moving away from the posh and polished marble design of previous years towards a more cosmopolitan style with personal identity, and unique art and installations,” she says, adding that a shift towards sustainability and ecological technology also finds its way into this narrative.

“Space plans will focus more on multi-functionality and adaptable social spaces,” she says.

“Corporate workplaces are shifting more into open spaces at hotels or F&B outlets, and residential lobbies are inviting residents for a relaxing coffee in a library. The traditional space categories such as work and leisure and privacy and public space are redefining themselves”

In spite of the shift in general approach to creating spaces, Broemmer still believes in contextual referencing, which should be approached with subtlety.

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