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Meet U+A’s Iranian architect Narges Rowshanzamir

Emerging architect Narges Rowshanzamir, a graduate of the American University of Sharjah, joined U+A Architects in September 2016, and has, in the year since, worked on countless projects across various sectors, found a mentor and contributed to a masterplan project for Umm al-Quwain.

“After graduation I was keen to join U+A because I’ve seen the type of work it does and the opportunities the company offers to recent graduates,” she said. “And the thing about architecture and design is that both fields are so difficult that either you will passionately love them or you’ll hate them. We’re so busy at the moment but, thankfully, the more I work the more I fall in love with

Working closely with Martin Dufresne, head of design at U+A, Rowshanzamir has had the opportunity to work on residential projects from mixed-use developments to luxury villas, retail centres and pavilions. Her dream project though remains urban cultural spaces that can be enjoyed by the public, like a museum, she said.

“I like designing spaces that are simple and unique,” Rowshanzamir added, “but what excites me most is – if you ever listen to Peter Zumthor’s lectures or go through his work – the way he plays with architectural elements to create spaces that are experiential. A person can never have that experience in another space again.”

Hoping to one day create ‘spiritual architecture’, Rowshanzamir aims to contribute to the everyday experience of end-users – whether they’re inhabiting a space or simply visiting it.

“That’s how, as an architect, you share with people you don’t know,” she said. “It’s a great pleasure to design something that makes people feel, because people matter and what they feel matters and if you put that psychology together with designing spaces you can create something super.”