Joanna Slowik, BSBG

A love of the disciplines of art and design combined with an aptitude for mathematics led 24-year-old Joanna Slowik into a career in architecture.

Born in Holland, she is now working in Dubai as part of the team at Brewer Smith Brewer Gulf, with a hotel in the city among her latest projects.

“I have always appreciated aesthetics as well as been interested in engineering. And there is a social aspect to architecture which I consider important,” she said.

“It might sound slightly vain – but there is also the feeling that when you successfully design a building you leave something behind, really something of yourself.”

Slowik was studying Architectural Urban Planning at the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Poland when she took part in a student exchange programme with a university in the Danish city of Copenhagen.Due to an error she was enrolled into another course – Architectural Technology, but managed to successfully conclude both the subjects so ended up with two degrees.

“It worked well for me because I felt that I needed a better grasp of the technological side of the work,” she said. “When I came to the Middle East I wanted to work on large scale projects as I felt I was ready for those sorts of challenges.

“I really like working in Dubai. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect so I came out on a two week holiday to see what I felt about the city and when it was over I couldn’t wait to get back.

“The city seems to have a little of everything and gives every architect the chance to leave a mark. Unlike, say, Brasilia, which was completely planned everyone working here can have the chance to add their designs to the city.”

Joanna Slowik worked on small scale projects for a studio called Zoom in Copenhagen in her first job with an emphasis on family homes before joining BSBG last September. She has been using BIM technology throughout her stay in the Middle East and has been involved in projects such as Repton School in Abu Dhabi.