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Cosentino has built ‘solid relationships’ with architects across the region says Miriam LLano

Having opened the doors to the Cosentino City Dubai showroom in Dubai Design District in November 2017, Cosentino continues to offer architects and designers from across the region an interactive experience that highlights the qualities of its surface materials. Middle East Architect speaks with Miriam LLano, marketing coordinator at Cosentino Middle East about the 300m2 showroom and how Cosentino’s ranges can positively impact architectural designs.

Tell us about the new showroom.

Our 300m2 showroom, the tenth global Cosentino City in the world, is designed as an information and service centre for architects and interior designers, rather than as a conventional showroom. It’s a space immersed in the brand DNA, designed to encourage experiential engagement with our materials and interaction with our team.

How does it stand out from other showrooms?

We are one of the few, if not the only brand in the surfaces industry to have a showroom designed to incorporate the display of large format slabs. This makes it easier for clients to really take in and appreciate the material. We have an interactive room where visitors can engage with the physical samples and virtually access the entire sample catalogue using touchscreen technology. We take the interactive experience even further with a software programme that allows visitors to design and explore the best options for façades, kitchens, floorings and bathrooms. Our focus is on making life easier for architects and designers.

At Cosentino we believe in facilitating the exchange of ideas and fostering collaboration. We host an event a week at our showroom from workshops to roundtables, talks and networking evenings to add value to the architecture and design community. Our doors are always open to walk-in visits to discover our products.

How does Cosentino work with architects?

Cosentino has had a presence in the Middle East for the last five years, during which, we have built solid relationships with architects across the region. Since the opening of Cosentino City Dubai, we have further strengthened and grown our relationship with the industry.  We study market trends and, through dialogue, understand the needs of architects in this region. We often organise presentations in our showroom so that they benefit from the knowledge of our products, their specifications, applications and design possibilities, and we send out regular communications to our database of architects informing them of new collections and events at the showroom.

Dekton was a great product launch that’s relevant to architects – can you tell us more about it?

Dekton is an ultra-compact surface with superior technical characteristics including resistance to UV rays, scratches, stains, thermal shock and very low water absorption.

This innovative and technologically advanced surface was created by Cosentino in 2013 and allows for both interior and exterior applications including façades, flooring, swimming pools, terraces, kitchens, countertops, bathrooms and even furniture.

The surface is manufactured in large formats (up to 320cm by 144cm) and four thicknesses (including 0.8cm, .2cm, 2cm and 3cm), and offers endless possibilities for architects and designers. Cosentino has continued to expand the Dekton line since its launch five years ago. It is currently available in both matt and polished finishes with a colour range of 40 different references from solid colours and natural stone to cement, wild wood, rust and industrial finish.

What other collections should architects know about?

Cosentino offers two main patented products for the Middle East market: Silestone quartz surface for interior application and the extremely versatile Dekton ultra-compact surface for both interior and exterior applications.

Earlier this year, we launched new finishes in the Dekton Industrial collection designed by architect Daniel Germani. This series pays homage to the beautiful imperfections of the oxidation and degradation processes undergone by materials as varied as metals, cement and stone.

From the trendy to the more traditional, through Silestone and Dekton, we offer a wide range of over 130 colours designed for different styles of interior and exterior applications. We will also launch four new classic marble look finishes in the Silestone Eternal series.

How do you think Cosentino’s collections will impact architectural design in the region?

Cosentino, through the hero surfaces Silestone and Dekton, offers superior quality products that are extremely low maintenance, versatile and available in large formats.

This provides architects and designers the freedom and flexibility to create their imagined schemes. It also helps them push the boundaries of design and execute without inhibition. The Cosentino Group invests heavily in research and development, and follows global market and design trends very closely. We are quick to react and respond to market demands with new finishes every six months. We believe in fostering the growth of the design industry.

We are committed to grassroots level programmes and engage with student architects. We also work with senior architects and designers and support their projects through collaborations. Our showroom is a learning and experiential space where we host talks and the exchange of ideas that are relevant to the industry. Any upcoming news we should know about?Other than new collection launches for both Dekton and Silestone, we have embarked on a regional design collaboration that will be revealed in the second half of this year.