Chris Browning, NORR: Architect, Building, City

NORR director Chris Browning on his inspirations in building design.

Tadao Ando

I became fascinated with Ando’s work whilst working in Osaka in 1994, where, like Santiago Calatrava, he successfully blurs the lines between architect and engineer. His career-defining use of exposed and sculpted structural concrete celebrates a love affair of solid and void, of concrete and light, from the private house to national monuments.

Church of the Light

I visited this small masterpiece shortly after the Kobe earthquake in 1995. The bold adoption of Ando’s signature building material, where even the furniture and floor are fabricated from the discarded concrete formwork, creates a wonderfully serene space.

Edinburgh, Scotland

For a small Capital City, Edinburgh packs a big punch. The Old Town, with centuries of history built in layer upon layer, sets the backdrop for the bold Georgian New Towns, now approaching 250 years old.