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ArchitectMap app created by UAE resident wins international award

An app that allows users to connect with others from the AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) industry, created by Mark Schumann, has won an international award.

The Architect Map app is the winner of the Best Mobile Tool or Guide in the UK built environment category in the Built Environment Mobile Apps competition awards.

The app beat the iPhone apps of Open House London and AutoCAD WS, which came in second and third, respectively, among other entries.

Users can use the Architect Map app and the web-based version to connect with architects, engineers, designers, contractors, graduates, manufacturers and other members of the built environment.

The Google maps were created in August 2011, along with Su Butcher, owner of consultancy firm, Just Practising, and in the first three months attracted over 100,000 visitors. Schumann, who is the director – program cost consultancy, Middle East, at Davis Langdon, took on the task of developing the app in October 2011.

“Back in October I decided to embark on this mini project (a hobby really) which turned out to be a massive commitment considering my day-to-day responsibilities as a director in Davis Langdon, an AECOM Company.

“Having never had any experience of building iPhone applications until this point, I am personally delighted to have built something that has been recognised for an award, and is enough incentive to continue spending my social hours enhancing and improving the tool,” said Schumann.

“Su and I are particularly delighted with this recognition as like the map itself, the App users chose who won the award, not a jury. From my own point of view, it was reward for many many hours of late nights, weekend working, research and hard work in building the tool,” he added.

Earlier this year, the Architect MApp iPhone app was launched, which was a further development of the crowd sourced Architect Map, ‘which continues to grow organically within our industry, showing just how powerful social media is and the enthusiasm for connecting with other members of our industry.’

Schumann outlined the next steps for the app. “As for our future plans, we have just released our Architect MApp mini concept, allowing everyone within the Architect Map community a chance to have their own iPhone application at minimal cost.”

He does not believe the future of applications in the AEC industry, particularly from a marketing point of view, is one where a user has to download a number of different apps to view a company’s details.

“Instead, information on businesses delivered through a single app is where we believe the industry is heading, and Architect MApp now delivers the functionality to do this, allowing individuals and businesses to link directly into blog feeds, YouTube playlists, Twitter accounts, project maps and more,” he added.

The awards were held in The Building Centre, London, on March 27, 2012,  in collaboration with Woobius, a mobile technology company specialising in the UK built environment.