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Arthi Balasubramanian is appointed head of architecture firm CEBRA’s Abu Dhabi office

Senior architect at CEBRA, Arthi Balasubramanian, has been appointed as the new head of the Danish firm's Abu Dhabi office, combining her existing managerial role with leading CEBRA projects in the Middle East.

Balasubramanian has been part of the CEBRA team since 2016 as lead designer on the modernisation of the Cultural Foundation Building in central Abu Dhabi. Read more about the Al Hosn master plan here. 

As lead design manager on the Qasr Al Hosn master plan, she will remain involved in the development of the project while additionally taking part in developing strategy for the firm's Abu Dhabi office with CEBRA's partners.

The historic Al Hosn site in Abu Dhabi has already opened, following extensive renovations, and an aim to re-establish itself as the cultural heart of the UAE's capital city.

Arthi has a Bachelor of Architecture from Anna University and a Postgraduate Diploma from the University of Sheffield as well as over ten years of practical experience covering a wide range of projects in different sectors. She previously worked at BDP and AEDAS, and has lived and worked in the UAE since 2016.

CEBRA's Abu Dhabi office consists of 10 employees, including locally-based architects as well as professionals from the main office in Denmark.