The Hangar Exhibition: Furniture design from Lebanon to Amman

The inaugural Amman Design Week, will take place from 1-9 September, featuring selected works by both acclamied and a new generation of local, regional and international designers.

The Hangar Exhibition at Gallery Ras el Ain, curated by celebrated architect Sahel al Hiyari, will explore ideas of locality and showcase work by designers who challenge the understanding of design and its ability to push the boundaries of material, scale, form and function.

This year’s Hangar exhibition will feature some of the leading furniture designers from Lebanon.

David Raffoul and Nicolas Moussallem are the founders of david/nicolas, an award-winning Beirut-based design studio. Their unique blend of retro, contemporary, and futuristic elements gives their work a timeless aesthetic that applies to a wide range of projects.

Close up of T-Cane by david/nicolas, image courtesy of Joy Mardini Design Gallery

David and Nicolas work on whatever captures their imagination, from designing their own lines of furniture, to collaborating with prominent international brands, to designing high-end bespoke interiors.

Loulou Rocking chair by david/nicolas, image courtesy of Joy Mardini Design Gallery

Armed with personal passion and curiosity, david/nicolas have been bent on reinterpreting what a Lebanese household should look like – beginning with visits to their grandmothers’ homes. The aftermath, a series of products reconstructed in order to fit a contemporary lifestyle, and  presented in this exhibition titled Loulou/Hoda.

Nada Debs is a Japanese-raised interior architect of Lebanese origin. She studied interior architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design, after which she started a U.K.-based company designing and producing custom furniture. After a forty year absence from her mother country, Debs’ Levantine spirit brought her home to Beirut, where she established a brand fusing Middle Eastern tradition with a minimalistic touch.

Debs will be exhibiting new work at the Hangar that combines Zen minimalism and Islamic intricacy in a concrete table adorned with mother of pearl.

Debs’ multicultural approach has attracted the attention of the design world. Debs operates from Beirut and her work is represented and distributed globally.

1 millimetre is a design studio with offices in London and Beirut. The studio believes in creating functional designs for daily living.

Drape by 1 millimetre

For Amman Design Week, 1 millimetre is exhibiting the Drape chair. The leather in this chair hangs like a curtain and the chair can be disassembled should you want to change its ‘jacket’.

After graduating in Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design, Beirut-born Karim Chaya co-founded Abillama Chaya Industrial Design (ACID) in 1997. ACID, which specialises in the design, manufacturing, and installation of architectural detailing, handles projects across the globe.

In 2001, Chaya started spockdesign, a company devoted to furniture and products—or, as the company likes to put it, ‘stuff design’. His work has been published in the local and international press, including in Le Figaro, Officiel Design, Monocle, Interior Design, and Interni.

‘Light My Fire’ was the name of the exhibition that featured Karim Chaya for spockdesign’s series of barbeques. Whimsical yet completely functional, the barbeques take reference from several sources, be it the Lebanese traditional ‘man’al’, to a more European minimalist take for ‘Norwegian Wood’.