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Tabanlıoğlu Architects’ design for new Dubai project reflects the environment in its façade

Open to various vistas, Al Fattan Towers by Turkish firm Tabanlıoğlu Architects comprises two crystalline towers set in a vibrant quarter on Dubai’s The Walk. Just a few steps from the beach, the mixed-use project consists of a 35-floor apartment block and a 30-floor hotel.

Featuring dissimilar triangles, with differing horizontal and vertical angles, the façades’ forms result in crystal-like surfaces that reflect the Arabian Gulf and its coast. Framed in a glass skin, each of the towers’ slanted angles respect the other views and rise without hindering the vistas open at various positions.

The transparent figures join the cityscape in harmony and contribute to the dramatic silhouette by the shore, not only as sculptural architecture, but also as a communicative social entity. The platform from which the two towers arise will host a range of high-end shopping outlets that open toward an open arrival space, allowing for the residents and visitors to enjoy landscaped public spaces.

“The multifaceted structural forms will attract people visually,” said the architects, “as well as its urban facilities planned at the lower levels of the two towers, which will include restaurants, high-end shops and spas. One major entrance to the hotel, apartments and public facilities join all users, neighbours and visitors, creating a lively downtown lifestyle.”

They added, “The contemporary urban architectural finishes and free-form living spaces provide style-conscious residents and visitors a compelling atmosphere.”

According to the architects, Al Fattan Towers exemplifies the UAE’s recent market growth, which has seen the production of more experimental designs.

“The global financial crisis started to show its real effects in the middle of 2007 and into 2008. Dubai being the pioneer in the rise of contemporary constructions during the previous decade in the Gulf, it had been the first to signal the influence of the stagnation that hit the world,” the architects said. “Very recently, the private investors started to support pioneering projects with rational approaches, and Al Fattan is one of them.”

Designed by Tabanlıoğlu Architects, Al Fattan Towers will measure at 151,634m2 with construction having started in 2011. Headed by Murat Tabanlıoğlu and Melkan Gursel, the practice focuses on residential, commercial, mixed-use, public and cultural projects realised mainly in the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, Europe and CIS region.